The human brain is the most incredible thing on our planet. With the mind that is within your brain, you create your life. Your entire human experience, from your greatest achievements to your darkest fears, are made and manifested by your mind. With your mind you also control your body. Unfortunately, your mind can also become locked with negativity and fear.

Hypnosis is the key that unlocks your mind and your life. All hypnosis is SELF-HYPNOSIS. As you learn this natural trance state, you learn to master your mind and become a true “Master Mind”. This is a place of power, peace, and prosperity.

Much of the “dis-ease” we experience is the result of stress. Stress is a natural reaction of the human body to a fear stimulus. At the dawn of humanity this was a very useful tool to protect ourselves. It is the “fight or flight” instinct, and it no doubt helped humans survive. In modern times we no longer have to worry about being eaten by wild animals, but the instinct is still in us.

Today, we ‘fight’ our cell phones, computers, and schedules. We fear a missed deadline, a unanswered email or a dropped phone call. We ‘take flight’ with alcohol and drugs, to a place of ‘safety’ from unpleasant people or relationships. The stress builds, and our bodies react with illness, sickness, and more disease. This makes us feel worse, which adds more stress, and the cycle begins again.

You can break that cycle, starting right now. You can become the positive light that you are,      by learning to control and eliminate stress in your life. Jeff Bibik has produced an amazing audio series entitled “The LifeBreath System“. This program focuses on becoming aware of our stressors and learning what to do about them. The LifeBreath program teaches a natural and effective relaxation exercise that can and should be used daily. This helps you recondition your subconscious mind, which is the only way to make a real and lasting change in your life.

It can be done, it must be done, and it will be done by you, for you!

To order your copy today on CD or as an MP3 download for $19.97, please email here.

It’s your life, live it!